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Alinof Archives
Optimized for Yosemite and Retina display

How does it work?

Simply scan all your documents you would like to quickly find and start Alinof Archives. Just enter some information about your documents such as supplier, description, date and amount of the invoice. To assist in this step, the scanned file is displayed on the screen. If your scanner supports character recognition and you save your document as PDF, you simply select the information on the document and drag them into the corresponding fields. Save and you're done!

Once your data stored in the database, it's easy to find all your documents.

You can see a preview or view the document in full page, print it, compare the amount with the same invoice from the previous year, display the total telephone bills over a year,
see all the receipts of such provider and much more ...

End of these binders that fill the closets!
A professional archiving software perfectly adapted to the needs of the individual.

List of all documents
Preview of a receipt
Adding / editing data

* This software lets you organize and save all your documents in order to find them quickly. According to the legislation in your country, it may be that only original documents are recognized. Please always keep your originals according the laws in your country.

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